Case Studies

A range of organisational and community case studies that show the personal empowerment achieved by work teams and community members.

Hidden Insights® thinking underpins £3m funding win for three-year youth programme

Julie Tidbury was one of our trainees in West Sussex. As a team leader in the Youth Service, she found it opened up a better understanding of what young people wanted (a key principle is "don’t decide about me, without me").
She also learned that small differences in how services were delivered made a big difference to the impact on the young people. One example was that a youth worker bought her client hot chocolate – with chocolate sprinkles on the top.

Read the full case study: YES Case Study (365 downloads)

Huntingdon Grub Hub – community owned and driven action

Our model of work is based on the Hidden Insights approach of identifying ‘positive deviants’ within a community, and helping communities to take action and achieve their aims themselves, rather than doing everything for them. It is a way of building groups and networks, and coaching them to make their own plans and decisions. It encourages people to build on what they can do, not focus on what they can’t. Kerrie Tonks used this approach to facilitate the birth of the Grub Hub, a highly successful community evening activity that now attracts over 80 people regularly and brings professionals and community together in a new way.

Read the full case study: Huntingdon Grub Hub (349 downloads)

Achieving more through community collaboration and coaching with Street Scene

How Gosport’s Streetscene team learned to use coaching and facilitation tools to build a better relationship with community groups and engage them in collaborative projects to improve the environment in the town; how the community members’ wisdom and local knowledge added value.

Read the full case study: Street Scene Case Study (686 downloads)

Collaborative change and conflict resolution between departments

How Hidden Insights® principles and tools were used very successfully to defuse a difficult situation and build a sustained, supportive and collaborative relationships between two departments with critical roles in improving community safety and reducing anti-social behaviour. All in one workshop (with a lot of preparation!).

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Family Intervention Project “Stepping Down” Group

An example of how Hidden Insights worked at several levels in building the confidence and skills of a group of parents with many challenges, first by enabling them to trust each other, then discovering their own hidden strengths and each others’.

Read the full case study: FIP - Haringey (1120 downloads)

Home Office Funded Project for Domestic Abuse

How the Hidden Insights approach helped to support survivors of domestic abuse to move on and establish themselves independently, to discover ways of overcoming rural isolation and improve reporting – by finding ways of adapting what worked for them.

Read the full case study: Home Office (1188 downloads)

How mums used positive deviance to become more confident with their young children

This case study describes how Jez Edwards, a mum who joined in one of the first ever positive deviance exercises in Gosport, adapted the approach. She created a quick way of working through the PD steps with a group of 8 mums to help them to play actively with their small children. Little Waves Speed PD case study (994 downloads)

How teen parents led and facilitated preventative action

By engaging with teen parents over a “tea time tweet”, a children’s centre used the Hidden Insights approach to build confidence and parenting skills in young parents, and in doing so, created a strong team who went back into their school to successfully coach at risk young people.

Read the full case study: Tree House teen parent case study (795 downloads)

Merck creates 17 per cent sales increase with explosive new management tool

Merck & Co., Inc. – a large corporate multinational and one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world – took an unusual approach to improve sales in its Mexico office. The management relinquished control and gave the employees the power to take the necessary steps towards success, producing a 17 per cent increase in sales. In the process employees were fully engaged, relationship lines re-drawn for the better and confidence boosted.

Read the full case study: Merck creates 17 per cent sales increase with explosive new management tool - Positive Deviance (881 downloads)

Saving lives by changing relationships – MRSA reduction study

What if a jumbo-jet crashed and killed 275 people each day because the pilots were too busy to complete all pre-flight checks and, four times out of ten, in a hurry to take-off? A tragedy of such appalling magnitude unfolds itself daily in U.S. hospitals. On average, hospital acquired infections (HAIs) kill about 275 patients in U.S. hospitals a day. This report is by Professor Arvind Singhal, who led our recent Oxford Conference.

Read the full case study: Saving lives by changing relationships MRSA study (702 downloads)

Saving up to 30 per cent of the day for social workers for Hertfordshire Adult Care Services

Although the team in this study were working with new lean systems and processes, by working together to discover their hidden wisdom and knowledge, the team were able to find significant improvements in how they used their time, and the system. This liberated time for implementing new developments and highlighted better ways of working.

Read the full case study: Hertfordshire PD Project case study 2012 (747 downloads)