Articles & White Papers

  • Follow this link to Jane Dudman’s article in the Guardian about the launch of the first UK community PD projects: Model Families, Copycat Behaviour. Jane has since published an update on the Guardian’s public sector leadership network website about the Blaenau Gwent positive deviance project to tackle domestic abuse:
  • Positive Deviance – An article by Jane Lewis on finding and harnessing the wisdom of organizational communities – first published in the Business Information Review, Sage Publications, December 2009 JL BIR article (642 downloads)
  • Positive Action – A new management technique called positive deviance has helped to reduce childhood malnutrition in 41 countries, and achieve a 31 per cent drop in MRSA in US hospitals. But is the UK ready to spot ‘deviants’? – article by Jane Lewis first published in Quality World, Chartered Quality Institute, September 2007 JL Quality World article (623 downloads)
  • Exploring Positive Deviance – New frontiers in collaborative change. Papers from the Said Business School practitioner workshop, University of Oxford 14–15 May 2010.  Includes fundamentals of positive deviance, case studies, commentary by Dr Keith Ruddle, summaries of presentations by Richard Pascale, and conclusions from ideas lab and discussions.   May 2010 SBS conference papers (587 downloads)
  • A childrens’ centre based in Gosport, Hampshire decided to tackle poor achievement levels in children by using the Positive Deviance method of motivating communities to find local solutions to deep-rooted social problems: EYE magazine article. (subscription required to see full article)
  • You know that oddball in the corner of the office? The one who does things in his own unique way? He is probably the cleverest person in the company: The Times article. (subscription required to see full article)
  • Prescribe Positive Deviance for radical and sustainable change in the heath sector. Jane Lewis discusses the concept behind Positive Deviance and adaptive leadership and its relevance for the health sector. National Health Exective Article.