Improving productivity with Hidden Insights®



  • Developing talent through projects
  • Team-building with business results
  • Staff engagement
  • Performance and productivity improvement
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Conflict resolution
  • Making the most of diversity
  • Improving health and safety
  • Making the most of restructuring and reorganisation – keeping what works, integrating teams

Who for?

  • Leaders at all levels
  • Front-line staff
  • Self managed teams
  • Remote workers
  • Call centre/customer relationships teams
  • Sales teams


  • Retail
  • Banking and financial services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality
  • Professional firms
  • Manufacturing

Sustainable culture and behaviour change from the inside

There are a few people in every organisation who have managed to overcome seemingly tough problems with the same resources as their peers.

Usually, these people are invisible to their peers and those in authority. Their successful ways remain locked away, no-one is able to learn from them and the problems persist.

Hidden Insights® unlocks these successes.

• It is not about providing experts to “fix” people and problems.
• It is low cost, fast acting and works anywhere, within current systems, processes and resources.
• It is fun and empowering to do.

It is a three-stage problem-solving process, developed from “positive deviance” which teaches people how to discover small differences in behaviour and practice, invisible to the majority, that make a huge difference in outcome. They then help everyone to learn them. We provide training and co-facilitation in the process.

The Hidden Insights learning programme – with measurable payback

We train managers, leaders, and staff how to create, lead and facilitate Hidden Insights projects and programmes. We can also train your trainers with a pack that can easily be customised to your context.  Go to the Learning Programme page to read all about it.

Organisations the Hidden Insights team has worked with:

  • Pivot Point International Inc, Chicago;
  • Interserve Project Services
  • Royal and SunAlliance Investments
  • BAe Systems head office
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Aviva
  • Royal Navy
  • BUPA

Case Studies