This page seeks to answer some of the questions we are often asked.

What is Hidden Insights®?

An inclusive problem-solving method that is based on group coaching. It engages people at all levels in solving their own challenges quickly, within existing resources, by building on what works and optimising relationships with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

What does Hidden Insights® do?

It uncovers and builds on the wisdom that is hidden in plain sight (often from its owner as well as others), applying this to solve tough issues, whilst building collaboration and confidence and releasing creativity. It creates a positive, energised and humane culture.

Why would I use it?

You will learn a different way of thinking and doing that will enhance your leadership skills, evolve a new coaching skills set and a positive, but realistic, attitude to people and problems.

Why would my organisation use it?

Hidden Insights® greatly improves engagement and productivity by developing new attitudes, skills and behaviours. It thus enhances performance, effectiveness and agility and ultimately financial results. It works at all levels and with customers and partners.

Why does Hidden Insights® work?

It engages and energises the people with a vested interest in solving the issue both emotionally and rationally – by challenging perceptions, getting a deeper understanding of others’ perspectives and the shared benefits of solving it. It builds on what already works so is low risk and minimises resistance. It sets off a chain of solutions.

What’s different about Hidden Insights®?

Small changes in practice unlock big changes in outcome. Hidden Insights combines:

  • Mutually respectful, adult-to-adult relationships.
  • Clear problem definition, and not jumping to solutions.
  • A practical way of discovering what really works, and HOW it works, so it can be spread.

It bridges the gap between knowing and doing – you act your way into a new way of thinking. It’s forward looking – accepting and defining clearly where we are, and want to be, without dwelling on a past that can’t be changed.

What are the consequences of using Hidden Insights®?

It builds teams, recognises hidden talent, engages and makes the most of diverse groups, changes behaviour and attitudes, enhances managers’ skills and people’s capacity to deliver. It covers a wide range of useful tools and techniques.

Click here for more about use in organisations and here for using Hidden Insights in the community.

Does it work with other change methods?

It works well in change and project management, with Lean, and in restructuring, to ensure that knowledge is kept, shared and developed, and collaborative relationships created.

When would I use Hidden Insights®?

  • When resources are tight – to do more with less while taking the load off managers.
  • When it’s important to make quick breakthroughs.
  • When there is conflict.
  • To support, inform and consolidate reorganisation and service design.
  • To create culture change without a culture change programme.
  • To give a sense of possibility and overcome “learned helplessness”.
  • To develop adaptive leaders and grow, engage and inspire line managers.
  • To build communities and networks and make the most of diversity.

Is there anything it won’t work for?

  • Technical problems with known and obvious solutions.
  • Things that are beyond your control to influence.
  • Setting big-picture strategy.

How do we implement Hidden Insights®?

Through an on-the-job learning programme working on a real project, with mentoring and action learning support.
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How do I get more information/talk about my situation?

Call us on 01243 539595, tweet us @hiddeninsights_, message us on LinkedIn, or use our contact form

What do people say about Hidden Insights®?

Bringing colleagues together to look at what is possible and to focus on what works, showed that the team brings all kinds of skills to the new role and have been able to create a focus and energy quickly to move forward from the restructure really quickly.

County Performance and Development Manager – Youth Offer, Cambridgeshire County Council

Hidden Insights has been a fundamental catalyst for us. It’s made a marked difference in our culture, particularly in the way we work with tenants. We have a different style of working, more joined-up and appreciative. We’ve learned that it’s not about control, it’s about facilitation. People can do more than we think they can. This is important because the system has made people more dependent, not less, in the past.

Head of Housing, Cambridge City Council

I used Hidden Insights questions when I recruited my new team –their strengths, how they did what they did, and what the evidence was for their success. We discovered what service users really needed without jumping to our own solutions. We could also evidence for the need for the service. We have got £1.5m funding for three years across 8 areas, with the aim of working with
5000 young people

Head of Youth Emotional Support Service, West Sussex County Council.

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